Warcaster: Neo Mechanika - The Thousand Worlds Sourcebook

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The Thousand Worlds sourcebook is the definitive rules and lore resource for the Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika tabletop miniatures setting, compiling all previously published game rules into a single tome as well as updated force-building requirements. Lavishly illustrated, it is packed with lore exploring the various factions of Warcaster as well as the complex Hyperuranion in depth. An extensive timeline details humanity’s arrival and migration across the galaxy, and detailed technical schematics and specs reveal the secrets of the mechanika, vehicles, and warjacks Warcasters use to wage war. With nearly a dozen short stories exploring the factions and characters you’ll find on the tabletop, The Thousand Worlds will immerse players in the people and conflicts that rage across the Cyriss galaxy as it prepares each player, the Warcaster, for their next battle.


* Complete and newly updated rules set.
* Expansive background sections including thorough Faction overviews and detailed 5000-year history of Warcaster.
* Includes the Race Mode rules, glossary, and an appendix of stat cards for all the existing models for the game.