War of the Ring 2E: Kings of Middle-Earth Expansion

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For centuries, Sauron sought to exert his influence over the rulers of Middle-earth, and to use his powers and his minions to coerce the leaders of the Free Peoples into submission. In contrast, Gandalf worked tirelessly to revive hope and stir resistance against the Shadow. Now, you can decide the outcome of this struggle for the hearts and minds of Middle-earth's rulers . . .

Kings of Middle-earth introduces Sovereigns and Dark Chieftains. These two new types of Characters represent important personalities of Middle-earth with a vital role in the War of the Ring.

The Sovereigns of the Free Peoples were targeted by Sauron's attempts to bend the will of the peoples opposing him - using the palantíri (the seeing stones), through emissaries, like Gríma, and possibly with other subtle and deceitful means. At the same time, it was crucial for the morale of the Free Peoples to rally around these charismatic figures - Brand, Dáin Ironfoot, Denethor, Theéoden, and Thranduil - to fight against the Shadow. The new rules, miniatures, cards, and Action dice included in this expansion will allow the players to fully develop this conflict and represent the role of these characters in your game.

This expansion also adds three new Characters, the Dark Chieftains, to the Shadow hosts. Unlike the Ringwraiths, who were fully controlled by the Rings of Power, these powerful leaders of the Shadow Armies had distinct personalities, but ultimately all were subject to the commands of Sauron or Saruman. One Dark Chieftain is included for each of the three Shadow Nations - the Black Serpent, the Shadow of Mirkwood, and Uglúk.

13 Plastic Figures
5 Corrupted Sovereign Rings
2 Special Action Dice
13 Character Cards
19 Event Cards
1 Sovereign Corruption Board
14 Cardboard Counters
2 Reference Sheets
Game Rules

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 120 minutes