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Take on the role of a houseplant enthusiast - collecting and caring for plants as you compete to create the coziest, most verdant home!


Turns are simple - select a card/token set and place each into your expanding home. Earn points by providing plants with the lighting conditions they desire, coordinating your interior space with furniture and pets, and racing against your opponents to pot plants and earn bonuses. With variable scoring goals, each game of Verdant brings a new spatial puzzle to your table!



60 Deluxe Wooden Verdancy Tokens

60 Unique Plant Cards

60 Unique Room Cards

30 Unique Goal Cards

45 Nurture Item Tokens

36 Pot Tokens

36 Green Thumb Tokens

25 Unique Furniture Tokens

20 Unique Pet Tokens

1 Deluxe Printed Cloth Bag

1 Full Color Scorepad


Ages: 10+

Players: 1-5

Game Length: 30-45 minutes