Too Many Bones: Unbreakable

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The Basics
Too Many Bones: Unbreakable retains the classic mechanics of the Too Many Bones base game, which can be broken into these steps.

Choose a Gearloc

1. Choose a Gearloc. Each Gearloc is a unique player character with its own set of 16 Skill Dice, many of which you'll unlock over the course of your adventure. Unbreakable comes with two brand new Gearlocs, and gameplay can be expanded up to four players, using any other Gearlocs in the TMB line.

Choose a Tyrant

2. Choose a Tyrant This is the final evil you'll be facing at the end of your journey. The tyrant you choose will also determine the makeup of your Encounter Deck and which Baddies you'll use to populate those Encounters.

Encounter Card

3. Draw an Encounter. Each day of your journey, you'll have one encounter, most of which will allow you to choose one of two outcomes. If you picked a peaceful encounter, you'll apply the effects at that time. If you picked a battle encounter, then...


4. Battle! Too Many Bones battles take by on a 4 by 4 Battle Mat. Battles are turn-based, with each Baddie and Gearloc getting their own space on the Battle Mat's Initiative Meter, which determines turn order. Most battle encounters apply unique circumstances to the battle while requiring you to defeat all Baddies that appear on the mat, though others have more unusual win conditions.


5. If You Succeed, Collect Your Rewards. Most Encounter cards end with you collecting valuable Loot or spending Training Points to unlock new Skill Dice or increase Stats. Each Gearloc has several viable builds, so you'll be on the hunt for the one that best fits your play style.
6. Recover. At the end of the day, you will take time to heal to full health, look for better Loot, or scout for dangerous Baddies on the journey ahead. You can also use this time to try to open locked Trove Loot, which have game-changing benefits once open.

Day Counter Card

7. Advance the Day Counter. Once you're done with the previous steps, you do it all over again, with the Baddies and fights getting more difficult the longer you progress through your journey.
8. Kick Some Tyrant Butt. If you've made enough progress along the way, eventually you will face off against your chosen Tyrant. If you navigate the Tyrant's unique final battle and emerge victorious, you win the game!

What's new to Unbreakable?

Unbreakable battle mat Too Many Bones: Unbreakable ups the stakes with the addition of the Lava Battle Mat and new Break-type baddies. Made up of 16 chips that slot into the neoprene play surface, the Lava Battle Mat is a dynamic battlefield where the ground beneath your adventurer’s feet can change at any time, turning from solid ground into molten lava in an instant. This deadly change is controlled by Unbreakable’s unique encounters and the Break-type baddies, who have a variety of new powers that specifically interact with the lava chips. Tyrant Chips In addition to these new mechanics, Unbreakable also boasts a variety of new Orc, Troll, and Bog Baddies, each with their own complement of skill layouts. The Tyrants are new as well, each one presenting a unique challenge that integrates with the treacherous Battle Mat on which they're found. With its unique twist on TMB's traditional structure, Unbreakable is a great introduction to this beloved series and a must-play addition for longtime fans.