Too Many Bones: The Automaton of Shale (+ Other Secrets)

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How do you top our legendary Too Many Bones Logbooks? This is the only way we knew how!

The Automaton of Shale is a brand new Too Many Bones short story, told in verse by Logan Giannini and enhanced by beautiful pop-up art by Anthony Letourneau, with paper engineered by Sam Ita.

The book contains a unique Too Many Bones adventure, complete with new encounters, loot, baddies and a new tyrant to battle at the end of the adventure. These pieces may be played front to back as a singular adventure or mixed with your existing Too Many Bones content.

Note: All of our Too Many Bones books are passion products with very slim margins and as such are made in limited quantities. The gameplay content of the Automaton of Shale will remain exclusive to this book until holiday 2023 at the earliest.