Tiny Epic Pirates: Curse of Amdiak Expansion

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Every sea dog has heard the legend of the Ghost Pirate Amdiak. Whether it be a drunken tale in ap ort tavern or from the scurvy lips of a weathered deckhand, the ghost ship - and its cursed treasure - is a sea tale no more!

In a risky maneuver, you have stolen a piece of Amdiak's treasure, and now he and his terrible ship have risen from the icy depths to reclaim it. But avast, as the old legend goes: "Amdiak's remains, in sealed urns be. Bury in damned soil, set his cursed soul free."

1 Plastic Mini Ship
4 Wooden Game Pieces
12 Plastic Cubes
15 Cardboard Tokens
4 Cursed Map Cards°
2 Solo Mats°
13 Captain/Crew Cards*
1 Ghost Ship Card*
1 Rulebook

Recommended Card Sleeve Sizes:
° 88 x 125mm
* 41 x 63mm

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 30-60 minutes