The Thing: The Boardgame

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A dangerous alien, capable of taking any form, has been released from its hibernation after millennia. The researchers of Outpost 31, isolated in Antarctica, are the only ones who can stop the creature. The future of humanity is in their hands...

The Thing: The Boardgame is an intense game experience for 1-8 players based on the 1982 cult movie directed by John Carpenter.

Immerse yourself in a highly cinematic atmosphere full of pathos. Manage the base wisely using your actions while you look for a way to escape. . . but first, you have to find out who, among the players at the table, is The Thing, hiding under a veil of fake humanity.

You must cooperate to survive - but who is really on your side? And if you reveal The Thing - are you ready to fight it?

1 Rulebook
1 Base Board
1 Leader Sheet
1 Leader Token
1 Weather Table
1 Weather Die
1 Rescue Helicopter Mini
4 Dog Minis
34 Fuel Tokens
12 Flamethrower Reload Tokens
16 Food Tokens
8 Character Sheets
40 Lab Tokens
20 Damage Counters
1 Power Failure Token
6 Fire Tokens
8 Alien Strength Tokens
8 Suspicion Disks
24 Contagion Tokens
9 Dog Infection Tokens
2 Bags
1 Freezing Marker
1 Freezing Tile
105 Cards
8 Character Standees
4 Alien Standees
1-3 Player Components
  ‣ 1 Leader Sheet
  ‣ 3 Action Dice
  ‣ 8 Role Cards

Ages: 13+
Players: 1-8
Game Length: 60-90 minutes