Starcadia Quest Brandalyn & Jakob

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Kickstarter Exclusive Starcadia Quest - Brandalyn & Jakob Board Game Expansion by CMON. Includes two heroes: Brandalyn & Jakob. Not a stand-alone board game. This is an expansion for Starcadia Quest Board Game- sold separately. Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

Brandalyn is one fasters triggers in the entire galaxy! And she's also all about precision too. When performing an ranged attack, she can choose 1 ranged boost - yes, only one - but she will double its effect. Seems like a great deal

Unlike Brandalyn, Jakob tends to be less aggressive to reach a goal. After all, he doesn't want pass off as rude. But don't be mistaken. He's a specialist in the passive-aggressive technique. When attacking, the target is forced to exhaust one of their passive Upgrades - yep, those that usually aren't exhausted at all!