Star Wars: Shatterpoint - This Party's Over Squad Pack

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"I have dismantled and destroyed over 100,000 of you type one Battle Droids." -Mace Windu

A peerless Jedi Master leads Republic forces from the front! Few can challenge the prowess and standing of the legendary Mace Windu. Once of the greatest swordsmen in the Jedi Order's history, he is one of the few who can claim to have invented his own lightsaber dueling form. With his innate ability to see shatterpoints, Mace Windu is equally adept in mental, political, and martial conflicts.

Windu is joined by Clone Commander CT-411 "Ponds," who leads the Advance Recon Force troopers of Lightning Squadron as they seek to seize the initiative against the Separatist threat.

Plastic components.

4 Miniatures
  ‣ 1 Mace Windu
  ‣ 1 Commander Ponds
  ‣ 2 ARF Troopers
3 Unit Stat Cards
3 Stance Cards
3 Order Cards