Star Wars: Armada - Galactic Republic Fleet Starter

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War! The ancient Jedi Order has taken to the stars to defend the Galactic Republic. As the threat of the Separatist Alliance spreads, leaving plundered worlds and petty tyrants in its wake, the Republic Fleet is often outnumbered, but never outmatched. Guided by the ideals of the Republic, commanding legions of dedicated Clone Troopers, and equipped with versatile warships and elite starfighters, champions such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bail Organa fight to bring a swift end to the chaos of the Clone Wars and restore peace to the galaxy!

Start building your Galactic Republic fleet! Featuring 3 capital ships, 4 starfighter squadrons, 2 commanders, 20 upgrade cards, and more, this Fleet Starter has everything one player needs to start playing Star Wars: Armada.

1 Painted Acclamator-class Assault Ship
2 Painted Consular-class Cruisers
3 Ship Bases
4 V-19 Torrent Squadrons
4 Squadron Discs
4 Activation Sliders
3 Red Attack Dice
3 Blue Attack Dice
3 Black Attack Dice
1 Range Ruler
1 Maneuver Tool
10 Command Dials
8 Speed Dials
6 Ship Cards
2 Squadron Cards
2 Reference Cards
12 Objective Cards
20 Upgrade Cards
52 Damage Cards
6 Obstacle Tokens
4 Setup Area Markers
123 Other Assorted Tokens
1 Learn to Play Booklet