Small Railroad Empires

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Build the most prestigious railroad empire in this pickup-and-deliver, route-building and set collection board game for 1-4 players!

In this game, players play as the owners of emerging train delivery companies, striving to build a vast infrastructure of railways to connect the blooming industry of the country with sprawling cities - and earn some profit while at it!

To expand their railway network, players will construct tracks on the board each turn. Once a player has connected a factory with a city, they can deliver a good from that factory to the city, by placing a train meeple on the city, and playing a train card. Depending on the length of the track, the player will earn Money and Prestige.

Additionally, players will race to complete achievements to earn some well-deserved extra Prestige! At the end of the game, the plyer with the most prestige wins!

1 Rulebook
4 Map Tiles
4 Player Boards
32 Train Meeples
92 Tracks
28 Disc Markers
20 Resources
32 Train Cards
12 Achievement Cards
8 Contract Cards
12 Loan Cards
1 Prestige Board
1 Industry Board
12 City Tiles
12 Factory Tiles
12 Rurral Town Tokens
16 Destination Cards
18 Action Cards

Ages: 13+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 30-60 minutes