RuneQuest RPG: Starter Set

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RuneQuest is a fantasy RPG set in the world of Glorantha, played by two or more players and a single gamemaster. Players in RuneQuest are adventurers, heroes who must face the challenges laid before them by the gamemaster, who describes the world and its incredible inhabitants.

Adventurers are defined by their skills, passions, equipment, and magical abilities such as spells and mastery of the powerful Runes. They improve by successfully using the skills and abilities they attempt in play. Combat is dangerous and unpredictable. Even the mightiest can fall in battle, victim to a well-aimed blow, just as the most inexperienced peasant might bring down a giant or even a dragon, if they are lucky enough. Such is life in the world of Glorantha.

Beset by war, the heroes of Glorantha ready themselves for their greatest challenge, the looming threat of the Hero Wars, an apocalyptic battle that will shape the fate of the world for all time. To show themselves worthy, heroes adventure and strive against Chaos and their former enemies, the Lunar Empire.

The RuneQuest Starter Set allows players to easily immerse themselves into Glorantha and its system, with ready-to-use characters and ready-to-play adventures allowing for many hours of play. There is no better wy to learn about the game and world than this starter set.

Inside this box, you'll find:

 Book 1: Rules - The basic rules for RuneQuest, providing everything you will need to get started on your heroic adventures.

 Book 2: The World of Glorantha - This booklet contains background information about Glorantha, the mythical fantasy world of RuneQuest, and the city of Jonstown.

 Book 3: Solo Quest - A solo adventure to teach the rules to beginning gamemasters and players, titled Battle at Dangerford.

 Book 4: Adventures - Three adventures and adventure seeds for further adventures. Includes:
 A Rough Landing
 A Fire in the Darkness
 The Rainbow Mounds

 Ready-made Adventurers (14) - Ready-to-use, pre-generated adventurers for you and your fellow players.

 Blank Adventurer Sheets (2) - Blank sheets for your use.

 Handouts - A collection of reference for use by players and gamemasters alike.

 Maps - Three maps including the city of Jonstown, its surrounding region, and the Rainbow Mounds.

 Roleplaying Dice - A set of polyhedral dice for use in the game.