Revolver: Core Game

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The year is 1892. The bank at Repentance Springs has been robbed. Many good citizens, including Sheriff Anton Dreyfus and school-marm Sue Daggett, were brutally slain as the gang shot its way out of town. Colonel Ned McReady and his men are tasked with bringing Jack Colty and his gang to justice.

  • A Wild West game with exquisite player balance
  • Each player has a unique deck and unique strategies
  • Multiple winning conditions for each player
  • Easy-to-read cards and symbols make playing a breeze.
  • Highly thematic cards such as "Let's shoot our way outta here!" and "Chew on this, Gringo!"
  • Direct interaction and high replayability - very important elements in a two-player game.

124 Cards which form the Colonel McReady and Colty Gang Decks
16 Character Cards
1 "Derail the Train" and 1 "Mexican Border" Cards
14 Mexican Border Tokens
6 "True Grit" and 6 Power Tokens
1 Turn Marker
Rule Book

Ages: 12+
Players: 2
Game Length: 45 minutes
Manufacturer: Stronghold Games

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