Pathfinder Adventure Path (D&D 5E Conversion): Kingmaker Bestiary

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Here There Be Monsters!

The world of Pathfinder comes to D&D 5E! From feral beasts to supernatural sprits from the realm of fey, the Kingmaker Adventure Path forces heroes to test their might against hundreds of foes - be they bandit lords, evil kings, or demigods.

This book presents rules for over 275 monsters and villains, 45 traps and hazards, and seven companion NPCs presented with a low-level and mid-level stat block, making them suitable for play as adventuring companions or even pre-generated player characters - all compatible with any Fifth Edition game. Designed to work alongside the new Pathfinder Adventure Path campaign book, this volume makes quick conversion of the campaign to 5E a breeze! Challenge your heroes while playing through the Kingmaker Adventure Path, or populate a campaign entirely of your own design!

206 pages !