Pathfinder 2E RPG: Lost Omens - Highhelm

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Delve the mountain deep!

When the first dwarves reached the surface of Golarion, they constructed enormous keeps to serve as their new home. The mightiest of these keeps was Highhelm, a Sky Citadel deep in the Five Kings Mountains. While other Sky Citadels have fallen since the Quest for Sky, Highhelm holds strong, serving as one of the major centers of dwarven culture.

Delve into the Emperor's Peak to experience Highhelm in all its glory. Learn about everyday life in the city, dwarven culture, and the various clans who influence the Sky Citadel. Explore the city's layers and surroundings, each featuring mysterious locations and sites of intrigue suitable for a multitude of adventures. Brave heroes and canny adventurers can even visit Highhelm for animal companions, martial training, new equipment, and more! What secrets will you find in the depths of Highhelm?

134 pages