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The Eighteenth Century is a time of great scientific discoveries, as well as exciting research into mysterious and as yet unknown fields. Competition in the academic world is ruthless...above all for young scholars such as yourselves! In order to follow in the steps of the great Newton, you must devote yourselves to undertaking new research and increasing your knowledge in order to become the most highly respected scholar in the world's scientific community!

Newton is a deep strategic game. You will place your action cards on your desk to perform actions, but these action will increase their value during the game depending on how you decide to specialize your abilities. Travel through Europe visiting cities, universities, and ancient lands. Add several books to your bookshelf and learn new things in academic lessons. Experiment your theories together with your students and study the alchemic mysteries. Work hard to provide economic support for your researchers and try to gain the backing of the great contemporary Masters!

1 Map Board
1 Tracks Board
4 Personal Boards
10 Objective Tiles
10 Invention Tiles
10 Specialization Tiles
20 Development Tiles
12 Income Tiles
4 Medicine Tiles
7 City Tiles
6 University Tiles
3 Ancient Land Tiles
18 Bonus Tokens
32 Coins
20 Potions
48 Bookshelf Tiles
69 Action Cards
20 Master Cards
4 Scientists
16 Students
48 Travel Cubes
8 Markers
1 First Player Tokens
4 Summary Cards
1 Rulebook
Ages: 14+

Players: 1-4
Game Length: 90 minutes
Manufacturer: Asmodee

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