Metro Morph: Sci-Fi Industrial Core Set

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28-32mm Scale

Metro Morph is a modular building terrain system for 28-32mm tabletop miniature games. It is the perfect way to quickly and easily fill gaming tables with terrain that is visually striking, strong, and versatile. The highly-detailed, full-colour art creates immersive battlefields while the durable cardstock and system of securely attaching plastic connector clips withstand even the hardest knocks of battle.

You don't need to cut, glue, or paint anything - just open the pack, create the unique structures you want, and start playing within minutes! When you've finished your game, Metro Morph can be packed away flat, ready to be reassembled in a totally new configuration for your next game.

Modular - Combine parts in multiple different ways to make the structures you want. Metro Morph offers an unbeatable amount of freedom when it comes to full customisation of your terrain.

Durable - Heavy 2mm cardstock, anti-scratch veneers and an ingenious sticker system mean that Metro Morph is a product made to survive the rigors of repeated play.

Eye Catching - Full-colour, double-sided, amazingly detailed artwork ensures you'll have a great looking battlefield straight out the box.

4 Standard Pillars
11 Standard Ladders
4 Walls, 3" x 6"
4 Walls, 3" x 4"
10 Walls, 3" x 3"
2 Walls, 3" x 2"
2 Half Hex Floors
2 Half Hex Hollow Floors
2 Floors, 4" x 6"
1 Hollow U Floor, 4" x 6"
1 Hollow L Floor, 4" x 6"
2 Floors, 3" x 4"
2 Floors, 3" x 6"
1 Angled Floor, 3" x 6"
2 Floors, 4" x 4"
2 Floors, 3" x 3"
4 Ledges, 3"
48 Plastic Clips
5 Sticker Sheets