Marvel Zombies Sentinel Strike

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Sentinel Strike is a Kickstarter Exclusive expansion for Marvel Zombies that brings the towering Sentinel robots to challenge the players! These automated hunters adapt to the players strategies, coordinating to eliminate them. To aid the players, the powerful Professor X himself joins the fight, in both Super Hero and Zombie Hero versions. And if that’s not enough, the players can even take control of Nana, the reprogrammed Sentinel!

Sentinels can be added to any scenario to bring an extra challenge to the players. These giant robots, programmed to hunt down and exterminate any mutant lifeforms, do not care about the distinction between living and dead. If it’s still moving, it’s a threat that must be eliminated.

This expansion will contain a few Sentinel-centered scenarios for both Zombie Mode (using the New York tiles from the Marvel Zombies core box) and Hero Mode (using the X-Mansion tiles from the X-Men Resistance core box). Each of the Sentinels has a unique, highly detailed game piece, measuring a whopping 12cm if standing straight.