Marvel Zombies : Galactus The Devourer Expansion

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Take on Galactus in unique scenarios as he destroys the map. Stop him before there's nothing left... or devour him as a zombie and gain his might! Heroes will need to climb onto Galactus' huge world eating machine and fight through his defenses, gradually weakening him until he can be stopped (or devoured)! Playable in both Hero Mode and Zombie Mode, with unique features in both of them.

Standing over 60cm tall (over 23 inches) and with a base diameter of 45cm (almost 18 inches) Galactus and his world-consuming engine are brought to life in great detail, functioning as a unique play area for the new missions contained in this expansion. The expansion comes with both living and zombie versions of Galactus’ head and right arm, which can be easily swapped out to face Galactus in either Zombie Mode or Hero Mode.

In addition to Galactus specific scenarios, the Silver Surfer can also be played in other games in Hero or Zombie mode, or spawned as an additional challenge in missions in either mode.