Marvel Zombies extra tiles set

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The Tile Set is a Kickstarter Exclusive pack for Marvel Zombies that brings a full extra set of all the game tiles included in the core boxes and all expansions. This hefty set of 32 double-sided tiles allows players to create epic custom maps and missions, without being restricted to only using one side of each tile. You can take the elevator between all 3 levels of the X-Mansion in the same game or have all floors of the Baxter Building accessible at the same time! Double the size of Central Park or incorporate it together with the Subway into your New York map. Likewise, you can create a sprawling Hydra Base or take the action directly from it into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. The possibilities are endless!

Please note that the tiles themselves are not exclusive, being the same ones contained in the core boxes and expansions. However, this Tile Set collection will not be going to retail.