Marvel: Rock Paper Heroes - Enter the Danger Room

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Rock Paper Heroes is a fast and frantic reimagining of the classic game of throwing hand gestures. Now, these gestures represent the powerful mutant abilities of eight iconic heroes, training to become protectors of mutantkind!

Pick your hero, and use your powers and fighting techniques to spar with each other and overcome the challenging obstacles in the Danger Room! Whoever makes the best use of their wits, strength, and agility will be the winner! At least, until the next training session!


Danger Room Board
8 X-Men Playmats
8 X-Men Standees
  ‣ Colossus
  ‣ Cyclops
  ‣ Jean Grey
  ‣ Jubilee
  ‣ Kitty Pryde
  ‣ Rogue
  ‣ Storm
  ‣ Wolverine
8 Plastic Stands
20 Technique Cards
9 Hazard Cards
1 Initiative Token
30+ Energy Tokens
30+ VP Tokens
1 Rulebook

Ages: 12+
Players: 3-6
Game Length: 20 minutes

• Simultaneous Action Selection
• Take That