Marvel: Damage Control

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Marvel's Cleanup Crew!

Epic battles between heroes and villains decide the fate of the world and keep citizens safe, but often these brawls leave a path of destruction in their wake. After the dust settles, someone must pick up the pieces. That's where the Damage Control team comes in!

In Damage Control, each player leads a rival cleanup crew tasked to finding and securing the dangerous artifacts and technologies buried in the rubble. Doc Ock's severed tentacles, damaged Ultron Drones, Terrigen Crystals, and more! You'll use your deck of Damage Control employees to demolish, uncover, and collect the Rubble cards in search of valuable items, which you will then add to your deck. You can use the items' powerful abilities to make your deck stronger or send them to your vault. Only the items stored in your vault will score points in the end, so don't hold them for too long!

As the Marvel Universe's leads in cleanup and reconstruction, your team is sure to wreck the competition.

4 Manager Cards
20 Starting Cards
44 Influence Tokens
80 Rubble Module Cards
28 Character Module Cards
12 Destruction Zone Barriers
4 Vault Tokens
4 Desktop Boards
4 Reference Cards
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 30 minutes