Marvel Crisis Protocol: Klaw & M'Baku

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40mm Scale

Ulysses Klaw was a fringe researcher in the field of applied sonics. When his latest project required the rate metal Vibranium to complete, he rallied a group of mercenaries and attacked Wakanda to get it. His surprise assault was successful at great cost; Klaw was mortally wounded. In a last-ditch effort, he turned his new weapon on himself. His dying body was warped, and he now exists as a sentient sound-form. Impossible to kill and unbearable to listen to, Klaw's arrival is always an ill omen.

The Wakandan chieftain M'Baku has long disagreed with the leadership of T'Challa, the Black Panther. Against direct orders, he revived an ancient magic hidden in the heart of the region's legendary white gorilla. Intent on taking Wakanda for himself, M'Baku staged a coup with his newfound power. Despite this ill-fated attempt, the chieftain remains a powerful influence in Wakanda's politics; sometimes with the Black Panther, and sometimes against him. One might question M'Baku's motives, but there's no denying his awesome strength.

Plastic components.

2 Miniatures
  ‣ Klaw
  ‣ M'Baku
2 Scenic Bases (50mm)
4 Scenic Bases (35mm)
2 Character Stat Cards
3 Team Tactic Cards