Marvel Crisis Protocol: Beta Ray Bill & Ulik

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40mm Scale

When the alien Korbinites were nearly wiped out by a galactic catastrophe, they sought a champion among them to guide their survivors to a new home. The man for the task was Beta Ray Bill, a noble and gentle soul. Their scientists equipped him with durable cybernetics and a sentient ship to bolster him for the task ahead. Though they could not have predicted that the Korinite fleet would find itself in Asgardian space, their faith in Bill proved warranted. Bill proved himself to Odin in a duel against the god's son Thor and was awarded his own magic hammer for his bravery. Now he travels the galaxy as the defender of all who seek his help, no matter which realm they hail from.

Ulik is the strongest and fiercest of all the Rock Trolls. Virtually nothing is known of his ancestry or why he's so much more powerful than other members of his race. The King of the Rock Trolls has turned to Ulik on many occasion, sending his trusty fists up against of foes as Nornheim's vanguard. Armed with knuckle dusters made from the same metal as Thor's mighty hammer, Ulik won't stop swinging until his foes are smashed to dust.

Plastic components.

2 Miniatures
  ‣ 1 Beta Ray Bill
  ‣ 1 Ulik
2 Round Scenic Bases (50mm)
2 Character Stat Cards
3 Team Tactic Cards