Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game - Into the Cosmos Deluxe Expansion

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As the world of Legendary reaches beyond the boundaries of Earth, you can now play as the most powerful characters from the Marvel Universe. This 200-card deluxe expansion will invade your Legendary experience with a close encounter of the best kind with some of the most epic cosmic beings, like Adam Warlock, Quasar, and more! Grow your Legendary game with this cosmic genre, and receive new cataclysmic schemes and challenging keywords that could change the course of gameplay when triggered!

• Adam Warlock, Quasar, Captain Mar-Vell among others come to a Legendary expansion!
• 22nd Expansion to the vast Legendary Landscape!
• New content: 9 Heroes! 3 Masterminds! 2 Villain groups! 2 Henchmen groups! 4 Schemes! 3 Special Bystanders!
• Players can work both with and against other players to defeat evil!
• All cards contain original art!

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 30-60 minutes