Kanban EV

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Kanban is the name for a scheduling system that supports an efficient assembly line, just-in-time production, and a smooth workflow process.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future of the automobile industry. They are more efficient, easier to maintain, cleaner, and are cheaper to run than their traditional combustion engine counterparts. They are computerized machines that use AI to improve safety and in the near future will provide autonomous driving.

In Kanban EV, you will be overseeing the production of these vehicles. Throughout the game, players take on the role of rookie employees trying to secure their careers. You need to manage suppliers and supplies, improve and innovate automobile parts, and get your hands greasy on the assembly line to boost production and impress the factory manager. You must make shrewd use of the recycling facilities and the limited factory supplies in order to appropriate parts when the suppliers come up short. Because the factory must run at optimum efficiency, production doesn't wait for you or mistakes. Sandra, the factory manager, will review your performance and keep the factory on tempo.

Kanban EV is a game about resource and time management that puts you in the driver's seat of an entire production facility, racing for factory goals and the highest level of promotion. You earn production points (PP) for performing various actions in the game, and the player with the most PP at the end of the game wins.