ISS Vanguard: Corebox

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ISS Vanguard is a 1 to 4 player co-operative board game that offers countless adventures on vivid alien worlds and distant star systems.

Players control four Sections (Security, Recon, Science, and Engineering) onboard ISS Vanguard - the first ship to traverse deep space on a mission to save humanity. Gameplay is divided into two main parts: planetary exploration, where players land on colorful boards that represent alien worlds, and ship management, where players use the Ship Book to upgrade ISS Vanguard, recruit new Crewmembers, conduct research, produce new equipment or landers, and more.

You can experience this game either as a replayable, long, cooperative campaign with epic stories, dynamic gameplay, and difficult choices - or as single Operations: standalone missions that take a single gaming session.

What will you do for the sake of your mission's success? What role will your ship play in the galaxy? Can you solve the mystery of the eons-old starmap embedded in human DNA?

1 Rulebook
1 Planetopedia
1 Logbook
1 Operations Book
39 Unique Discovery Card
65 Discovery Cards
40 Event Cards
19 Rank-Up Cards
48 Injury Cards
1 Tutorial Deck B
249 Point of Interest Cards
57 Mission Cards
42 Global Condition Cards
120 Section Cards
1 Tutorial Deck A
6 Reference Cards
23 Threat Cards
4 Turn Tokens
16 Success Tokens
8 Time Tokens
16 Red Section Dice
16 Blue Section Dice
16 Green Section Dice
1 d10
23 Mission Equipment Tokens
20 Lead Tokens
2 Danger Dice
20 Plastic Universal Markers
12 Injury Dice
1 Start Token
1 Mission Failed Token
1 Double-sided Actions Token
4 Colored Base Rings
1 Lead Bag
22 Cardboard Threat Standees
6 Cardboard Lander Standees
8 Plastic Crewmember Figures
1 Card Tray A
4 Section Compartments
8 Standee Bases
8 Tray A Dividers
8 Section Compartment Dividers
1 System Maps
1 Ship Book Cover
9 Ship Book Cardholders
14 Ship Book Pages
20 Double-sided Planet Record Sheets
1 Secret Envelope
1 Awaiting Envelope
3 Double-sided Lander Boards
1 Card Tray B
36 Rank Sleeves
1 Planetary Scanner
14 Card Tray B Dividers
6 Command Tokens
8 Energy Tokens
1 Token Bag
1 Penalty Token
1 Current System Bookmark
41 Bridge Cards
31 Lander Mod Cards
68 Crewmember Cards
18 Landing Cards
23 Research Project Cards
27 Production Project Cards
26 Situation Cards
6 Facility Upgrade Cards
101 Equipment Cards
6 Lander Cards

Ages: 13+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 120 minutes