Here to Slay

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Here to Slay is a strategic role-playing fantasy card game from the creators from the creators of Unstable Unciorns. In this game, you'll assemble a full Party of Heroes and slay dangerous Monsters while sabotaging your friends. Brace yourself for a fast-paced, adorable, and utterly destructive adventure.

In Here to Slay, the first person to successfully slay three monsters, or build a full party with six classes, wins the game! That means you can choose your own play style. Will you work to build the most robust party of highly-skilled heroes this world has ever seen, create a lean team of monster-killing machines, or set out to screw over your friends at every turn? No matter what you choose, there are enough strategies, characters, cards, and effects to make the game different every time you play it.

115 Card Main Deck
6 Oversized Party Leader Cards
15 Oversized Monster Cards
6 Rules Reference Cards
2 d6 Dice

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 15-90 minutes