Four Humours

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Before modern medicine, the four Humours was a prevailing medical theory. THe workings of a person could be explained by the balance of four different fluids in the body. Personalities were directly related to an imbalance of these four fluids:

 • Choleric: Too much yellow bile makes you aggressive.
 • Sanguine: Too much red blood makes you friendly.
 • Melancholic: Too much black bile makes you moody.
 • Phlegmatic: Too much white phlegm makes you patient.

1. Visit citizens and secretly sway their personality with a personality potion.

2. Resole personality conflicts following the "Principles of Personality."

3. Winning potions are moved onto the board and will help complete objectives to win!


120 Potions
24 Objective Markers
6 Potion Bags
5 Scene Markers
6 Game Boards
6 Party Tiles
36 Scene Card
12 Objective Cards
6 Reference Cards
1 Solo Mode Card

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 45-60 minutes