Final Girl: Series 1 Feature Film - The Haunting of Creech Manor

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Killer: Poltergeist
Location: Creech Manor

In this addition to the Final Girl experience called The Haunting of Creech Manor, it is up to you to save a little girl named Carolyn who has become the target of a malevolent spirit. Choose either of the included Final Girls, Selena or Alice, and try to avoid becoming the next victim of the Poltergeist of Creech Manor.

Search for Carolyn in terrifying rooms like the attic and the closet. Once you've found her, escape the manor with your lives before it is too late. Carolyn's life, not to mention your own, is in your hands. . .but will you both survive?

This Feature Film box has cover art of Selena on one side and Alice on the other.

1 Detachable Killer Board
1 Detachable Location Board
2 Final Girl Cards
24 Terror Cards
3 Dark Power Cards
1 Epic Dark Power Card
3 Finale Cards
20 Item Cards
10 Event Cards
5 Setup Cards
2 Rules Sheets
5 Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 1
Game Length: 20-60 minutes