Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Wave 1 Fundamentals Card Deck

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This card deck provides the core stat, AI, and item cards to allow you to play models from the following products. This pack also provides errata cards for the 2-Player Starter Set. It includes 88 poker-sized cards and 63 Euro Mini sized cards.

Contains cards for:

Brotherhood of Steel, Super Mutants, and Survivors core boxes

Knight-Capt Cade & Paladin Danse, Hammer, Boston Companions, and Heroes of Sanctuary Hills character boxes.

Frontline Knights, Suiciders, Behemoth, Minutemen Posse unit boxes

• Protectrons, Eyebots, Sentry Bots, Mr. Handy, and Assaultrons Robot cards.

• Deathclaws, Fearal Ghouls, Radscorpions, and Radraoch swarms Creature cards.

• Nuka Girl and Alien Zetan promo cards.

• Turrets and Terrain effect cards