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Parallel words collide in Entropy, a card game of risk and deception. The setting for Entropy is fairly deep, and a little dark. As the world around you crumbles into oblivion, somehow you escaped into the Nexus. But does that mean you’ll live? And what of the others that have also managed to temporarily escape certain destruction? Can you find all of the fragments of your world and save the universe before space-time collapses?

While players will have to engage their brains in Entropy, you can enjoy the game knowing that the fate of the universe doesn’t hang in the balance. Or does it?

Entropy is a semi-quick game for 2 to 6 players. Taking about 10 – 20 minutes per game, Entropy is a decent filler or palate cleanser between longer, meatier games. Primarily a set collection game, your goal is to be the first player to collect four fragments of your reality. These reality fragments are beautifully illustrated and when put together form a stunning panoramic display of your home-world.