Enhance RPG Dice Tower

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ENHANCE Tabletop Series

Stop tipping over your DM's carefully placed mini figures by rolling on the battlemap! Organize your dice rolls while also fully tumbling them for a truly random outcome with the ENHANCE Tabletop Series dice tower. Carefully designed durable reinforced panels and a laser cut castle motif are sure to make every session a night to remember.

NOTE: Please make a Wisdom Saving throw with disadvantage to resist the imbued Charm Spell placed on every Dice Tower.

  • Anti-Divination Magic for Truly Random Outcomes
  • Prevents Dice from "Going Rogue"
  • Halfling Sized Design for Portability

Easy to Set Up

Easy to assemble 8-piece design can be quickly collapsed before and after your sessions for convenient storage.

  • Castle Design
  • Roll up to 14 Dice
  • Lightweight
  • Portable