Eldritch Horror: Mountains of Madness Expansion

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Something Ancient Stirs!

Long before the human race emerged, the elder things have existed. Now, in 1926, their long slumber is disturbed. Their dark influence creeps outward, dominating the minds of humans towards a mysterious purpose. A few brave investigators have caught wind of the impending catastrophe and head to Antarctica to find the source. They alone can stop the coming doom, or go mad in the attempt.

This expansion introduces the Antarctica side board; a harsh new locale, riddled with strange mysteries and hidden dangers. Eight new investigators are prepared to unveil the truth behind the strange happenings in the world, accompanied by new allies including Professor William Dyer. To aid in their mission, investigators can undertake personal tasks to gain powerful rewards. They will find a plethora of useful items, magic spells, hideous conditions, and terrifying encounters awaiting them at the Mountains of Madness.

1 Game Board
1 Rulebook
8 Investigator Sheets
2 Ancient One Sheets
26 Mythos Cards
48 Location Encounter Cards
64 Research Encounter Cards
6 Other World Encounter Cards
6 Expedition Encounter Cards
24 Special Encounter Cards
14 Mystery Cards
12 Adventure Cards
6 Prelude Cards
8 Artifact Cards
16 Asset Cards
32 Condition Cards
16 Spell Cards
42 Unique Asset Cards
4 Round Overview Cards
22 Monster Tokens
6 Clue Tokens
8 Focus Tokens
6 Gate Tokens
1 Adventure Token
1 Mystery Token
8 Plastic Stands