Eldritch Horror: Cities in Ruin Expansion

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The Human Age is Ending!

Violent quakes split the world asunder, and nature itself is seemingly intent on destroying the civilizations of humanity. Deep in the heart of Africa, something is stirring.

This expansion introduces Shudde M'ell, a destructive new Ancient One. Heralding this new threat is the advent of Disasters and Devastation Encounters as well as destructive new Mythos cards. Four weary investigators join the fight, bringing with them new Artifacts, Assets, Spells, and Talents to stave off the twilight of humankind.

1 Rulesheet
4 Investigator Sheets & Matching Tokens
1 Ancient One Sheet
6 Mystery Cards
76 Encounter Cards
24 Mythos Cards
16 Disaster Cards
4 Prelude Cards
4 Artifact Cards
16 Asset Cards
20 Condition Cards
12 Spell Cards
24 Unique Asset Cards
10 Monster Cards
8 Devastation Tokens
14 Health & Sanity Tokens
8 Eldritch Tokens
4 Plastic Stands

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-8
Game Length: 120-240 minutes