Deception: Undercover Allies

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Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is one of our favorite games. Over the last year and a half we have loved playing it at conventions and chatting with fans about their best investigations, biggest blunders, and more.

In many of those conversations, you told us that you want more. More Means Cards, Clue Cards, Scene Tiles, Events, and Roles. This expansion provides exactly that!

Deception: Undercover Allies brings all of the above, and all of the new cards were designed with the goal in mind to bring more balance to the Murderer’s chosen weapons. We have added many more cards to make the less chosen causes of death (like Illness/Disease) more viable options adding more uncertainty to the game and creating more interesting end game narratives.

This expansion comes with:
  • 3 new role cards
  • 90 clue cards
  • 54 means cards
  • 2 badge tokens
  • 9 scene tiles (including 1 scene tile)