DC Comics Deckbuilding Game: Multiverse Box

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The new and improved Multiverse Box provides a home for your DC Deck-Building Game collection! With an original cover illustration by artist Omar Francia (Legends of the Dark Knight, Doom Patrol), this storage box is designed to fit sleeved cards and features a row specifically for oversized cards.

The included Multiverse Crossover Pack lets you play with your entire collection! Both Super Heroes and Super-Villains work alongside you as you try to protect your Multiverse Location and best your foes. The additional Event Line-Up has an Ongoing ability that affects all players and is filled with cards from a random set inside the box!

33 Standard Cards
15 Randomizer Cards
7 Oversized Multiverse Location Cards
2 Components Boxes
22 Dividers
12 Confrontation Cost Tokens
2 Active Player Markers
2 Line-Up Tiles
1 Source Wall Tile
18 VP Tokens
6 Foam Spacers