Cthulhu Tales

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In Cthulhu Tales, each player tells their story using a hand of Story cards. The other players play Hazard cards to disrupt and darken the tale. In the course of the game, the narrators receive Treatment tokens, representing the misguided therapies and medication administered to them by the terrifying medical staff.

When everyone has told their tale, the game is over. Count up each player’s Treatment tokens and the player who underwent the least therapies is the winner.

Designed by Francesco Nepitello and Marco Maggi, the designers behind award-winning games such as The One Ring Roleplaying Game, Hobbit Tales, The War of the Ring, and many more, Cthulhu Tales brings horrifying and darkly humorous storytelling to your gaming table.

132 beautifully sinister and disquieting, large-format playing cards
1 board to guide your tale-telling
1 16-page full-color rulebook
1 12 sided die, or perhaps if the stars are right, a unique Cthulhu Tales 12-sided die
1 set of Treatment tokens

Age: 15+
Game length:
20-60 minutes
Cubicle 7 Entertainment 

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