Camel Up: Off Season

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In Camel Up: Off Season, each of the 3-5 players has their own caravan of four camels that can carry goods, with the camels able to carry 3, 4, 5 and 6 goods. There are four types of goods - carpets, vases, dates and fruit (undated) - and these goods are available in markets, with one more market in play than the number of players. Each double-sided market shows how many face-up and face-down cards are placed in it, plus the special power of that market. At the beginning of a round, players bid to see who gets to choose the goods in a market first, with the bidding rules defined on the back of the highest goods card in the deck. Whoever wins the auction pays their money to the bank, while everyone else keeps their coins. (Coins are victory points, so you may not want to throw away too many).

The winner chooses a market, uses the power of that market (if they wish), then takes all the goods from that market, turns them over (if necessary), then loads them onto their camel. A camel can only hold goods of one type, and if a type of good is on a camel, you must continue to place that good on the same camel. However, each camel has a limit of goods and if you exceed this limit, you must discard all goods of that type. Each other player, clockwise, then chooses an unchosen market, possibly uses their power, and collects and loads their goods. Each player then has the opportunity to sell the goods of up to one camel, with each type of goods being paid for in a different way:

Dates: The cards show 1 to 4 dates, and the more you sell at once, the more money you receive. Carpets: Cards come in six colours, and you cannot sell the same colour twice in a batch. Again, the more you sell at once, the better. Vases: Cards come in three types (with some overlap), and you can only sell one shape at a time. Fruit: Cards come in four different value types, and you can only sell the lowest value fruit. Place a 1 coin on the unselected market, turn over all other markets, fill those markets with cards, and then start the next round. When the deck is exhausted, take an extra turn - selling once from each of your camels - and whoever has the most money wins.