Call to Adventure: Epic Origins

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In Epic Origins, your goal is to defeat he Adversary and raft the hero with the greatest destiny score! Playable on its own or as an expansion to the original Call to Adventure, this game celebrates high fantasy themes, from elves and dwarves to dungeons and monsters. Play competitively, solo, or co-op!

Choose Your Path - Begin building your character with your Heritage, Origin, Motivation, and Destiny cards. During the game, add more cards to your story as you acquire Traits and face Challenges

Cast the Runes - Every Challenge you face is a chance to level up your hero. Choose between two paths. Cast the runes to see if you succeed. Your choices will determine whether your hero's backstory is tragic or triumphant

Gather Your Party - Play through a multi-session campaign, building new heroes as you face each new Adversary. Play hero and Antihero cards to improve your odds. In the end, only one player will win, but every hero will have an epic story to tell!

54 Character Cards
67 Story Cards
11 Adversary Cards
61 Feat Cards
24 Custom Acrylic Runes
4 Player Mats
7 Campaign Packs
Experience Tokens