Black Rose Wars: Core Game

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Turin, 1490 A.D.

One of the most powerful and secret lodges to have ever appeared on earth has found its perfect home in the magical city. Every ten years, the Black Rose Lodge hosts numerous Mages from all over the world to elect the new Grand Master, who will guide the Lodge's decisions for the next decade.

Several non-affiliated schools will seek the title among the great Magisters of the Lodge, in an effort to gain access to its arcane power.

You, too can participate in the battle. Choose your School of Magic and unleash your fury on the battlefield! But beware - the Lodge is alive, and no Mage considered unworthy will be allowed to sit on the Grand Master's throne!

Black Rose Wars is a competitive fantasy game of deck-building, strategy, and combat set in the hectic universe of Nova Aetas. Each player is a powerful mage of the Black Rose Order who aspires to become the new Grand Master in order to acquire the mighty power of the Black Rose Artifact and the Forgotten Magic.

Each Mage has six Schools of Magic at their disposal, each one with its own strategy to annihilate their opponents and increase their power. Mages fight each other in a modular arena of hexagonal rooms. They summon powerful creatures, cast destructive spells, or devise dark deceptions with their enchantments. If htey are defeated, Mages are "reborn" immediately, allowing them to re-enter the fight without delay, although their defeat still feeds energy to those Mages who caused it.

The Mage with the most power at the end of the battle will be crowned Grand Master!

1 Power Board
1 Event Board
4 Mage Sheets
23 Rooms
120+ Tokens
130 Cubes
238 Spell Cards
11 Reference Cards
34 Evocation Cards
34 Evocation Tokens
12 Moon Influence Tokens
95 Quest Cards
78 Event Cards
24 Rose Pins
4 Mage Miniatures