Beyond the Sun

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As Earth begins to die, it is time for humanity to look Beyond the Sun.

Welcome to Earth in the 23rd century. Huamnity faces extinction on a dying planet. In a massive effort, the entire race came together to create the nascent technology needed to make it possible to travel beyond the solar system. The various factions that controlled the planet set aside their differences to assure that the human race finds new homes.

You represent the leader of one of these powerful factions. It is up to you to lead your followers to new homes among the dozens of habitable planets found in other systems nearby. The human race will survive but whow will control its destiny? Your ambition for power is as limitless as the galaxy we seek to explore and colonize. Will your faction become the dominant player in the new age?

Game Features:
• Civilization Building
• Innovative Technology Tree
• Resource Management
• High Replayability
• Multiple Paths to Victory


1 Technology Tree Game Board
1 Space Exploration Board
46 Technology Cards
20 Event Cards
24 System Cards
10 Achievement Cards
2 Action Replacement Tiles
2 Technology Tableau Bars
1 Staring Player Marker
4 Guild Cover Tiles
60 Ore Crystals
8 Dual-layer Faction Mats
80 Resource Cubes
96 Wooden Marker Discs
4 Action Pawns
Setup Sheet

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 100 minutes

• Worker Placement