Army Painter - Warpaints - Zombicide - Zombie Paint Set

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  • PAINT QUICKLY AND START PLAYING THE GAME — Save hours of painting your Zombies and Survivors from the Zombicide Black Plague board game and the Wulfsburg expansion with these 10 specially formulated paints from The Army Painter Warpaints range
  • NO NEED FOR MULTIPLE COATS — Each paint in this miniatures paint set provides a solid coverage. They adhere easily on the miniatures, allowing you to speed-paint batches of zombies to a high-standard finish with ease
  • DROPPER CAP TO PREVENT DRYING — Get the exact amount you need with the ergonomically designed dropper bottle, so you won’t be wasting any paint. The colors are highly pigmented; give the bottle a good shake before squeezing
  • VIBRANT COLORS; PERFECT CONSISTENCY — Perfect workable consistency; neither too thick nor too thin, the 18ml bottle Zombicide paints are easy to apply and manipulate like all the others from The Army Painter’s product line
  • COMES WITH A FREE HIGHLIGHT BRUSH - This set for miniature painting also comes with the Hobby Highlighting brush to get you started; a great all-around brush for making details and highlights on your Zombicide Black Plague expansion