Armada: Two Player Starter Set

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The Armada Two Player Starter Set is the perfect place to start your journey onto the seas of Pannithor. Inside you’ll find everything you need for two-players to start their own fleet of courageous Basileans or marauding orcs, along with a rulebook, tokens, ship cards and a paper gaming mat. The fight for the oceans is about to begin!


Resin Basilean Fleet
2 x Elohi
1 x Gur Panther
1 x Gunbrig
Resin Orc Fleet
2 x Hammerfist
1 x Bomb boat
1 x Blood Runner
Also includes:
96-page rulebook with 10 scenarios, background lore and advanced rules
8 bases
8 ship cards
5 fleet reference cards
14 Basilean and orc MDF upgrade tokens
Game dice
Approx 3ft x 4ft paper gaming mat