Agricola: 15th Anniversary Edition

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Agricola: 15th Anniversary Box celebrates the 15th anniversary of Uwe Rosenberg's Agricola by packing a lot of material created since the game's debut into a single XXL box: the revised edition of the Agricola base game, the complete Artifex and Bubulcus expansion decks, promo items that were previously long gone (adapted to go with the revised edition), some novelties (and no, you don't have all the L-Deck cards yet), and a well-organized inlay for quick set-up and storage.

In total, this anniversary box contains 430 cards, more than 200 tokens, and more than 270 wooden components. This set is compatible with both the Farmers of the Moor expansion and the Expansion for 5 & 6 Players.

Base Game - The multi-award winning worker placement game by Uwe Rosenberg in a revised version . Larger food markets (finally!), major improvements made of thick cardboard, new player colors, and finally: a wooden starting player rooster. Because only the early bird catches the worm!

L Deck - Many a passionate Agricola fan has been desperately hunting for them. Now, here is a best-of, including some new additions. And a surprising bonus: event cards. That's right! Just Agricola style, though.

Individual Farmyard Boards - Extremely popular but sold out for years. Now, finally, the reverse sides again show four different farmyard designs. So, there is something for everyone's taste.

Seasons - Julian Steindorfer's expansion has shown how much fun can fit onto as little as a postcard. Freshly revised by BGG fans and our editors, the years go by even faster and we farmers grow old.

X Deck - The dread and sought-after X deck. Mysterious, unpredictable, and revamped for the revised edition. Aliens visit our farms and cause all sorts of confusion. Mind control included!

The Legen*dairy Forest Deck - The title may be wrong, but this deck makes short work of all the careless and cocky farmers. Werewolf, revenant, little green dragons, warrior princesses, and the inquisition. It's all in there.

Wooden Components
  ‣ 18 Sheep
  ‣ 15 Wild Boar
  ‣ 14 Cattle
  ‣ 38 Wood
  ‣ 26 Clay
  ‣ 14 Reed
  ‣ 16 Stone
  ‣ 24 Grain
  ‣ 16 Vegetable
  ‣ 1 Starting Player
  ‣ 60 Fences
  ‣ 16 Stables
  ‣ 20 People
4 Large Farmyard Boards
1 Large Game Board
1 Supply Frame
2 Game Board Extensions
23 Wood Room/Field Tiles
16 Clay/Stone Room Tiles
3 Variant Tiles
1 Side Job Tile
74 Special Markers
65 Food Markers
3 Suggestion Markers
20 Goods Tiles
7 Begging Markers
14 Action Space Cards
10 Major Improvement Cards
168 Occupation Cards
168 Minor Improvement Cards
24 "X Deck" Cards
26 "Legen*dairy Deck" Cards
20 "L Deck" Cards
1 Scoring Pad
1 Rulebook
1 Appendix

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 90 minutes