A Song of Ice & Fire: Sand Skirmishers

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House Martell's Sand Skirmishers turn their doctrine of high mobility into a deadly dance of blade and bow. Their light armor allows them superior speed, rivaling that of the fastest enemy units, and their training allows for deadly hit-and-fade attacks, all under a rain of incoming arrows. If locked down in a protracted melee, Skirmishers can hold their own as well as any light unit, but a wise commander will free them as soon as possible, allowing their dance to begin anew. They work particularly well savaging enemy lines already engaged with Martell Spearmen.

Each miniature is supplied on a 30mm base.

Plastic components.

Approximate Height
  Skirmisher A: 35mm
  Skirmisher B: 33mm
  Skirmisher C: 38mm
  Skirmisher D: 45mm

12 Miniatures
  ‣ 12 Sand Skirmishers (4 Sculpts)
1 Unit Card
1 Movement Tray