A Song of Ice & Fire: Pit Fighters

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Gladiatorial combat has a long tradition as one of the most popular and dangerous forms of entertainment, often performed by those enslaved by others. Man vs. man. Man vs. beast. Small squads against one another. Massive free-for-alls.

A gladiator must be ready for anything, despite their lack of formal training and in spite of the rudimentary equipment they're given. When Queen Daenerys freed the slaves, many Pit Fighters pledged their allegiance. And while each one has a slightly different style of fighting and isn't usually used to fighting alongside other troops on an open battlefield, enemy commanders would do well to underestimate these veteran fighters and their unusual tactics.

Plastic components.

Approximate Height:
  Fighter w/ Spear: 35mm
  Fighter w/ Sword & Shield: 37mm
  Fighter w/ Sword & Axe: 38mm
  Fighter w/ Great Axe: 44mm

12 Miniatures (30mm Bases)
1 Unit Card
1 Movement Tray