A Song of Ice & Fire: Neutral Heroes #3

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In the tumultuous world of Westeros, there are many souls who no longer hold allegiance to any particular House. These storm-tossed individuals all have their own reasons for this isolation.

Some, like Arya Stark, are on the run. Formerly of House Stark, her fortunes have drastically changed in recent times. Others are chasing them down, like Sandor Clegane, who, himself, had been taking orders from members of House Lannister for as long as he can remember.

Whatever the case, be they misfit, criminal, or simply outcasts, characters like Roge, Biter, Jokin, and Widower may find themselves in the employ of many different forces. If the coin is good, that's all that really matters to them.

Plastic components.

Approximate Height:
  Shae: 37mm
  Widower: 41mm
  Jokin: 37mm
  Arya Stark: 33mm
  Sandor Clegane: 43mm
  Rorge: 38mm
  Biter: 42mm

7 Miniatures (30mm Bases)
  ‣ Shae
  ‣ The Widower
  ‣ Jokin
  ‣ Arya Stark
  ‣ Sandor Clegane
  ‣ Rorge
  ‣ Biter
8 Attachment Cards
1 NCU Card
6 Tactics Cards