A Song of Ice & Fire: Martell Dune Vipers

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To many, the seeingly barren lands of Dorne are simply endless lines of sand dunes. It is easy for travelers to get lost in the shifting desert seas. However, the Dune Vipers who call this land home know each grain of sand's place in the vast desert. They use this to heir advantage, specializing in guerilla tactics, using hteier spears and nets to ensare enemies, then cut them low, the thirsty land quickly drinking the blood. Dune Vipers work best when aiding other units by harassing enemies and letting hteir allies deal the final blows, but they certainly can stand on their own when needs must.

Plastic components.

Approximate Height:
  Bannerman: 47mm
  Viper A: 36mm
  Viper B: 37mm
  Viper C: 33mm
  Viper D: 38mm

12 Miniatures (30mm Bases)
  ‣ 1 Bannerman
  ‣ 11 Dune Vipers
1 Unit Card
1 Movement Tray