A Song of Ice & Fire: House Umber Ravagers

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One doesn't immediately equate House Umber and its famous Berserkers with cavalry, yet they do have a few men trained in horsemanship. The Ravagers are as swift and deadly as any cavalry force in Westeros. They're not as heavily armored as fully fledged knights from the south, yet they move just as rapidly and strike just as hard. Allowing Ravagers to attack your rear or flank is to invite a swift and merciless death. Care must be taken not to let them get bogged down in a melee, but a good commander will position them to ready for that glorious, devastating charge.

Plastic Components.

Approximate Height:
  Standard Bearer: 78mm
  Ravager A: 59mm
  Ravager B: 60mm
  Ravager C: 61mm

4 Miniatures (50mm Bases)
1 Card
1 Movement Tray